Globally Obama administration earns praise for commitment to gay rights

By Claire Veyriras, California News Service WASHINGTON — As President Obama struggles with the politics of gay issues at home, his administration is drawing cheers from human rights groups for its commitment to gay rights around the globe. In the past several months, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a speech, which dramatically shifted the international […]

States with highest gas prices back Obama

By Yousur Alhlou Washington — There is a curious relationship between a state’s gas prices and presidential politics. The higher the price of gasoline, the higher President Obama’s prospects of winning that state. Obama’s electoral map to victory bears a remarkable resemblance to a map of the nation’s highest gas prices. California, Illinois, Washington, D.C., and New York – […]

Marijuana dispensaries to open in D.C.

By Jessica Philipps Washington — As federal prosecutors threaten to crack down on California’s medicinal marijuana sites, Washington is preparing to open several dispensaries in the Justice Department’s backyard. This summer, residents will be able to buy legal cannabis at dispensaries within a few miles of the White House, the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Cultivation centers […]